Actiforce sets new stand-sit standards

Actiforce redefined dynamic working in offices as long ago as 2004. We not only made a major contribution to the widespread use of stand-sit workstations, we also made them affordable. With ELEMENTS by Actiforce we are again setting new standards.

Find us at booth F-030 in Hall 05.2

We recently took part in the Interzum Award: intelligent material & design 2017 with our innovative ELEMENTS by Actiforce and we are very proud to announce that Actiforce won the Interzum Award ‘Best of the Best’ award.

ELEMENTS by Actiforce is an example of innovation and progression. The workstation requires no crossbar and top supports and the special lightweight work surface stands out in regard to sustainability, with a 70% reduction in the material used compared to conventional chipboards. Assembly has been simplified and it is significantly lighter and tidier thanks to the integrated cabling within the tabletop to which special extras can be added, such as inductive charging or integrated sockets.

With ELEMENTS, Actiforce is taking another step forward, whilst still remaining faithful to its position as component supplier to the furniture industry.

Actiforce will be at Interzum from 16 may until 19 may, 2017. Feel free to visit us at booth F-030 in Hall 05.2.

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